This site is for use by Customers that have their binding done in our Nebraska facility.

If you previously did work with our MA facility you will most likely continue to use your OLD URL ( Please contact your customer service rep if you have questions.

YOUR ABLE IP: - you may need to add this IP in your firewall and open port 9000 for ABLE Communication.


HF Group utilizes an interface for ABLE called Webstart that eliminates the Java web browser applet. There are two options to implement Webstart:

  1. By installing Oracle Java OR
  2. By installing OpenJDK and IcedTea-Web

Click here for installation instructions.

After completing your choice of options, right-click the green WEBSTART button and choose Save link as… and save the .jnlp file to your desktop.

(Note that our updated Webstart file will work with the newest versions of both Oracle Java and OpenJDK.)



Common Errors:

Problem/Error Solution
You open the Webstart (JNLP) file, but instead of starting with Java it opens a bunch of code in your browser There is an update to Windows which causes Java to become disassociated with Webstart files - open this document: Java_File_Association.pdf and follow the directions to resolve this problem.
Account Record Not Found You are using the wrong ABLE website or Webstart program - contact your customer service representative to get the correct URL
Can Not Connect to ABLE Server Your firewall is blocking ABLE. Contact your IT department and ask them to open port 9000 for the IP address above (in red)



Please email